Nity Picky: Fallout 4

Now that Fallout 4 has been out for a month, I think it’s safe for me to throw some of my own thoughts out in to the open. Opinions on Fallout 4 have been polarising, to say the least. While the game has received near universal critical acclaim, some fans are less then pleased. I have my own issues with the game but that’s not on today’s agenda. There’s enough commentary detailing everything wrong with Fallout 4. Instead, join me today as I nit pick my way through Fallout 4.

Nit Pick 1: The trading UI is terrible

Some background info first. I rolled my character as a devilish charming, honey tongued rouge-like dude. I charmed my way through conversations, and mowed down my enemies using stabbity stabbity backstabs and headshots. Naturally, a good rouge rolls a high perception, charisma, luck and whatnot, with abysmally low strength. Given how goddamn heavy the weapons and armour are, I threw everything to my surprisingly buff companions. Here’s my thought process as I throw stuff around.


‘Let me see...I need to transfer the heavy ass Missile launcher, General Chao’s Revenge, Road leathers and Tatical Staggering Shotgun to Dog. Gotta remember, gotta remember....’

‘Boy, I gotta swap some things around. Do you mind?’


‘Now, let’s see... Missile launcher to him, Chao’s revenge, Leathers and.. DAMN IT! What’s the last item?! Hmpphhh, (scrolls down the long list). Nope, can’t remember.’

So, I close the trading screen to pull up my pip boy, smash my head at my forgetfulness and proceed to scroll through the long trading list again. It’s a tiresomely tedious process. Apply the same train of thought to traders. I’ve had enough. I’ve been scrolling endlessly since Fallout 3. Bethesda, here’s a hint. Categorise the items into their uses, like the pip boy’s UI. God knows, I’ve smashed my head in for more than enough times.

Nit Pick 2: Silence is Golden

I’ve been frozen in cryogenic sleep for 200 years. After 2 centuries I finally leave the claustrophobic confines of the vault and come face to face with a post apocalyptic world. Every single thing has changed. Radiation permeating everything, horribly mutated creatures, ghouls, super mutants and twisted individuals scouring the country. And how does our protagonist feel? Nothing, apparently. Our dear protagonist nary mutters a word. The only time our protagonist expresses at semblance of shock is when they encounter radroachs in the vault. That’s it. I mean, upon my first encounter with 2 headed deers, cows, flies the size of my face and ghoulified humans, I would at least express some shock, horror or pity. Something. Nah, our protagonist either takes the initial shock really well or his mind is preoccupied with someone else, speaking of which...


Nit Pick 3: Who’s Shawn? Ain’t got a clue either


So apparently, Shawn is my infant son. Wow, I nearly forgot about him. I forgot all about my son. The son that i spent, at most 5 minutes, with. Bad father. Being the irresponsible prick I was, I spent most of my time roaming the commonwealth, gleefully popping the heads of countless raiders, capturing and building settlements and flirting with Piper (because she’s the best and I will fight you for that). It was only after 50 hours that I finally remembered my son was still held in the clutches of potentially evil men. Oh well. I have no attachment or feelings for my supposed ‘son’ and with this lack of empathy, here’s literally no incentive for me to complete the main story. Hell, I felt more for Moira Brown then for my ‘son’. Adding to that, I have a wide open, horribly irradiated world, waiting to be explored. My son can jolly well wait. A few more days/months/years couldn’t hurt.

That’s 3 nitpicks down and many more to go. But that’s enough for today. Despite my incessant griping, I actually like Fallout 4 and I will undoubtedly spend many more hours in the commonwealth. Lord knows how many ungodly hours I’ve spent beautifying my settlements.

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